Portraits of Resilience


My Dad the Hunter
My dad’s name is Vasily Nosukak, he is 51 years old. He’s a hunter and he is my best teacher of how to survive here. My father and I went on a hunting trip, we got a small whale. We brought it to the village and I helped him to cut it. I also love to go to Inaghpak, I like it there so very much.
The Water is Getting Closer
My name is Evgeniya Karamalak. I am part of the local ensemble «Solnyshko». Our director’s name is Irina Kuripko. She noticed a lot of changes in our area. For the time period that she has been living here the water has become one meter closer.
My Mother and My House
My mother says that winter comes much later. Last year it came in late December. Without ice and snow winter seems not real. Birds seem don’t even migrate South for the winter anymore. Berries taste different. A few years ago it was so warm out that I walked outside with shorts on. The sun was shining so bright that puddles were steaming.
Bumblebees, Wasps and Ladybugs
My name is Selyakina Tatiana and there are a few new bugs I have never seen before. One day I was walking outside with my girlfriend and suddenly we noticed the bumblebees near the heating system. My friend is afraid of bumblebees and she stomped right where the bumblebee was, but it did not kill it because the bumblebee flew off. Then we noticed a hole, it was a beehive. And then I thought bumblebees, wasps and ladybugs are starting to multiply.
The Elders in Sireniki
Galya and I live in Sireniki. We went to visit the elders recently. Their names are Maria Rytygreu, Sergei and Irina Gorbunov and Vukvanaut. They were all born out in the tundra. When they were little, they moved to Sireniki. Maria remembers that there were few yarangas and grass was tall. Sergei and Irina said that the coast has become narrow. In the old days beach was all covered with sand. Irina says that when her mother was little, they were going over the hill on the shore, and now it all covered by the ocean.
My Grandma
My grandma Ida V Giuna was born near a landfill in the village of Sireniki. There were only a few built houses and yarangas at that time. She says that our village is built on a thick layer of ice. It’s been raining cats and dogs in the past few years and the ice has started to melt. Landslides started to happen and the ground started to sink in. They build 12-plex building houses in the 70s, during the Soviet Union. 20 years later the ice begun to melt and houses are falling apart. In the 2000s new houses were built with stilts like a jack and when the building is starting to sink, its level is regulated by a jack.
Natalia G. Protopopova
Natalia G. Protopopova - the head of the village administration of Sireniki. She came here from Magadan region 40 years ago. For the first 17 years she worked as a teacher. Then she was chosen as a head of the administration and ever since then she runs as our village.
So Many Changes in Sireniki
Oleg Rahtilkun is an Inspector of Beringia Park in Sireniki. He is 35 years old. He noticed two new birds in our area. They are swallow and blackbird. He also noted that bowhead whales and walrus are passing through our waters later than usual, and this year they even pass us by without coming into our waters.
Something Unusual
Hello, my name is Rostik. I live in Enmelen. My village is small but beautiful. Recently in our village there has been something unusual and that’s thunder and lighting. When I was a kid in 2006, in the summer time lightning struck very close by the school building. And six years later it struck again almost at the same spot. I hope in 6 years we’ll hear and see thunder with lightning again because it is an adrenaline rush.
Where did the whales go?
Hi! My name is Severina. I am 14 years old. I live on the coast of the Bering Sea in the small village of Enmelen. The population is of about 300 people. We have about five nationalities here - Chukchi, Russian, Ukrainian, Eskimos and Chuvans. The food is being transported to us by ship, but it don’t last very long therefore in order to survive, our men go out hunting. And women pick some greens and put away their food for long winter.
Our grandfather is a Hunter
Hello, my name is Julia, I’m 13 years old. My little sister’s name is Altana, she is 9 years old. We live in Enmelen. We interviewed our grandfather, his name is Dmitry Tnankav, he is 52. He was born, raised and still lives in Enmelen. He is a hunter. My grandfather in his life saw many changes in our village. He said the fall season is very long now. In the past this season, lasted about a month, and now autumn weather may last with no snow till the end of December. And because of this he can walk by foot and hunt much longer.