Portraits of Resilience


A piece of Barbuda’s land, in the water
Hi, my name is Jaqua’sha Teague. I am a teen living in Barbuda. Over the past few years erosion has played a very important and harmful role in Barbuda. Some of my schoolmates and I took a trip with Ms. Christine Germano to one end of the island to learn more. (Ms Germano was our photography teacher for this project.)
Bees are not getting enough pollen
Today we visited Mr. John Mussington’s beehives in his back yard. First we looked at the bees’ nests and we noticed that most are not really fi lled with honey. Mr. Mussington said that there is a twist in the weather and in the last two years the bees are not producing honey as they are expected.
That little strip of land protect us
There are many sand bars in Barbuda. Some are located within and around the lagoon. One of them is special and Barbudans named it Conel.
Hi! My name is Takiyah Mussington and I live on a beautiful island called Barbuda. Climate change is destroying what makes Barbuda special.