Portraits of Resilience


Satoaleapai Village
On the exterior Samoa is an idyllic place to visit because beautiful seas, the amazing beach and the swaying palm trees... but there are cracks in this interior due to climate change.
What protects our Samoa from soil erosion? It’s mangrove, and they are being affected in villages like in Fasitoo-tai. In Fasitoo-tai they have big mangrove and small mangrove near the sea.
How Climate Change is affecting our Coral Reefs?
Climate change is affecting our coral reefs. The coral is home to sea-life and when the coral dies the sea creatures that live in the coral have to find new homes. Sea creatures will have to find food somewhere else. Sea-life won’t be able to breed properly because of the heat. Some sea-life might even have to move to different areas.
Vacations Fale
Vacations Fale are on a beautiful beach called Itu-o-tane. It has comfortable fales for tourists to stay or sleep in. Itu-o-tane has everything -- a beach with soft white sand, beautiful fales, the shiny blue sea and fantastic waves that can make noise as loud as thunder. I don’t know if it has everything you would want?
Too Many Bees, Not Enough Honey
Bees, bees everywhere. The number of bees in Samoa has increased, however most of them are dying. What’s to blame? Can we blame climate change for that?
Vaiala Beach School Adapts
I‘ve always wondered why Vaiala Beach School is up on a hill in Vailima instead of at the beach in Vaiala. I spoke to Lorraine Williams the principal of VBS and she told me this is why we moved: