Portraits of Resilience

Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Hockey Season
The arena in Pangnirtung used to open October or the beginning of November. Now it opens the end of December or beginning of January. The ice doesn’t freeze as much as it used to because of climate change.
Auyuittuq - The Land that Never Melts is Melting
The Inuktitut word Auyuittuq means “the land that never melts.” In the past, the glaciers in the park melted at an average of one metre per year.
Commercial Fishing
This summer me and my step-dad went commercial fishing. We needed at least 1175 pounds [530 Kg] of Arctic char.
Our Weather in Pangnirtung
We interviewed an elder named Joanasie Qappik. We asked him questions about how the climate has changed.
The Meltdown
About five years ago the sea ice used to take longer to melt. It lasted about 10 months but now it’s only 8 months.
Glacier + Hunting
My grandfather and my dad go out hunting to the same place each year and they see the same glacier each year, and it is melting and melting.