Portraits of Resilience

Nesseby, Norway

If the Poles Melt
If global warming makes the poles melt, which causes the sea-level to increase:
Climate change is affecting our ocean. Fishing and aquaculture is Norway’s second most important industry. The temperatures in the ocean are rising.
Plant life and climate change
There has been a big change in the fauna. Some plants have decreased in number, such as birch and other trees.
Interview with Sigrid Persen
— What’s your name, and how old are you? “My name is Sigrid Persen, and I’m 79 years old.”
Weather Changes
Hi, I am a 14 year old boy from Norway and I am writing about the weather changes caused by climate change.
Reindeer Herding
We travel a long distances with reindeer in the spring. If there is less snow on the ground it will be more dif?cult to drive with the snowmobile and it will get harder to graze the herd.