Portraits of Resilience


Coastal Erosion in The Seychelles
Climate change is becoming a big issue to the islands of the Seychelles. Our pictures show that sea level rise contributes to soil erosion across the shoreline.
Fishing in the Seychelles
According to local fishermen, these days they have to fish deeper because the sea surface temperatures are rising and fish are going deeper in the ocean.
How Local Culture is Affected by Climate Change
If the climate begins to change it may start to have an effect on cultural aspects of life on our islands. Traditionally our houses were built on pylons to reduce the impacts from occasional flooding.
The Roche Caiman Sanctuary - Climate Impacts on Wetlands
The Roche Caiman Sanctuary is a habitat for many unique and endemic birds, insects, and plants. We are concerned about what might happen to this special area if the climate begins to change and starts to affect the streams that lead into the marsh area.