Portraits of Resilience

That little strip of land protect us

There are many sand bars in Barbuda. Some are located within and around the lagoon. One of them is special and Barbudans named it Conel.

 It is on the southwestern side of the lagoon. It’s a long stretch of pure white sand which separates the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean. The islanders usually picnic there on public holidays and the fi shermen with and their families would set nets there at night to catch fish.

In 1960 Hurricane Donna, a category 3 storm, broke the sand bar. The break was so deep that sail boats could use it as a channel to get in and out the lagoon. It eventually closed up. The sand bar was reopened again in 1995 during category 5 Hurricane Luis. At present it is closed, however it is moving closer and closer to the village.

Our village has attempted to help the sand bar grow by placing fences on it to collect the sand. However a storm came along and destroyed them. As the years go by the sand bar is shrinking. Since the village is located by the lagoon, if the sand bar disappears and we were to get another hurricane like Luis then Codrington would be seriously damaged because that little strip of land protects us.

— Adonia Henry

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